Environmental Commitment

As Canada’s first pre-certified LEED Platinum office, Eighth Avenue Place reflects a whole-building approach to sustainability. The towers function with an eye towards excellence in cost efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Eighth Avenue Place has implemented the following green initiatives throughout its construction:

  • Use of recycled and regional construction materials
  • Recycling of more than 75% of construction debris
  • Low-flow and water saving plumbing features
  • High efficiency lighting systems
  • Shaded windows to reduce cooling needs during warm months and heat loss through the windows during colder months.
  • Initiated a building-wide recycling program
  • Implemented a “green” cleaning program to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, improve indoor air quality, and reduce waste
  • Installation of a green roof for storm water absorption

Why is this important?

  • Lower Operating Costs – efficient use of energy, water and waste management lower the operating costs of the building. These savings trickle down and are passed on to the tenants.
  • Increased Tenant Comfort – the balance of interior wall placement, large efficient windows and full-spectrum lighting systems create more efficient and comfortable environments.
  • Increased Tenant Health and Safety – Carpet, adhesives, and paint are made from low volatile organic compounds and heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems are highly efficient, running 85%-90% clean air.
  • Doing your part – being associated with a building that cares in all aspects – from building to maintenance to sustainability – allow you, your company and clients, to feel good knowing you are contributing to lowering the carbon footprint.
  • Reduced the environmental impact of commuters by providing bike-to-work facilities and hybrid vehicle incentives.

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