Green Roof

High above the asphalt of Eighth Avenue, there is a sustainable habitat living atop the towers of Eighth Avenue Place. Together with the other green initiatives that make Eighth Avenue Place a LEED Certified structure, the 25,000 sq ft green roof is a major contributing factor to their environmental commitment, and the first of its kind on a commercial office highrise in Calgary.

Green roofs offer a number of hydrologic, atmospheric, thermal and social benefits for the building, people and surrounding environment:

  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Reduces the volume and speed of stormwater runoff
  • Improves the quality of water that returns to the storm system and watersheds
  • Reduces ambient air temperatures and increases humidity levels in the surrounding areas (reducing urban heat island effect)
  • Filters and binds dust particles, filters airborne toxins to improve air quality
  • Increases building roof membrane life by protecting the underlying components against degradation
  • Absorbs external noise pollution